• How To Use ADDME2
    Simple But Very Powerful
Add Customers To Your List

Your customers will be added to your contact list by texting:
ADDME2 Keyword to 343434.


After you create an account, a password will be sent to you via text. You can add a keyword to your account by texting:
ADDME2 KEYWORD your_password to 343434.

Send Coupon to List

When you are ready to send a coupon to you customer list, you send a text to 343434 with ADDME2 SEND your_password and the text message you want to send.



ADDME2 KEYWORD your_keyword your_password TO 343434 - TO ADD KEYWORD TO YOUR ACOUNT

ADDME2 EMAIL your_email_address your_password TO 343434 - TO ADD EMAIL TO YOUR ACCOUNT

ADDME2 SEND your_password your_text TO 343434 - SEND SMS TEXT TO YOUR LIST

ADDME2 your_keyword TO 343434 - OPT-IN

REMOVEMEFROM your_keyword TO 343434 - OPT-OUT


$10.00/month 0 - 500 messages per month.

$20.00/month 501 - 1000 messages per month.

$30.00/month 1001 - 1500 messages per month.

$50.00/month 1501 - 2500 messages per month.

$100.00/month 2501 - 5000 messages per month.

You will be sent a bill at the end of each month based on the number of messages ADDME2 sent to your customer list. Prices are double if you want to add images and or sound files. The price is tripled to send video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really no other fees? There are no other fees, we're serious about that.

How are text messages charged? You are charged monthly based on the number of sent messages. Minimum billing applies if you fail to send any messages. Incoming messages are free.

How will you bill me? An invoice will be sent to your email address on the last day of the month and your credit card will be charged on the third day of the month.

Do I pay online? This is an autopay service. Your credit card is automatically billed each month.

Do you provide telephone numbers for my contact list? No we do not. Phone numbers are added to your contact list when we receive a text message with your keyword.

What is the maximum length for video coupons? It varies from carrier to carrier, but the average is about 30 seconds

Does it cost more to use image or video? Yes, the price doubles for video and triples for video.

Do I still pay if I don't send any coupons out this month? Yes, the minimum billing is $10 for 0 - 500 messages.

Who owns AddMe2.biz? The site is owned by MOTC Telecom which is a Black owned company